I have been working on this for the past two years. My friend Paul Frick finished a beautiful new solo album and I was so inspired by his music that I decided to animate one of his songs. I worked on this every time commercial work left me a gap. Daniel, my partner, helped me with 3D modeling and animation of the flying furniture elements. A few hours after I finished the last drawing, my son came out to the outside world. By that time I had already sent all the files to my friend Patricia Luna, who was going to edit them. Some months later we finished the piece while the corona virus has forced almost everyone in the world to stay home and avoid social contact. Then I realized this could be the way many people could feel right now. "September 26th" A film created and animated by Danae Diaz Music by Paul Frick "Baby Bel" taken from the album "Second Yard Botaniclas" 3D animation by Daniel Zinner Compositing and edting by Patricia Luna © Danae Diaz Finished and published in 2020 during the coronavirus shotdown.

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